Sunday 29 March 2020

Gujarat Corona Update Officia Press Note Date 29-3-2020

Gujarat Corona Update   Officia Press Note Date 29-3-2020

Date 29-3-2020 

This Application is ONLY for people who are quarantined as per the official database. This will help the Department of Health and Tamil Nadu Police for effectice tracking and information management.:

COVA Punjab App provides preventive care info and helpline details

COVA Punjab (Corona Virus Alert) App has been developed by Government of Punjab to provide citizens with preventive care information and other government advisories. The app has following main sections for citizens:

1. Real time dashboard for Punjab, India and global stats
2. To check for symptoms of Corona and have a quick self-screening
3. Corona Awareness
4. Traveling instructions
5. Prevention Products
6. Corona Hospitals, Punjab
7. FAQ
8. Call Support

An exclusive app for GoK - Direct Kerala. The app offers exclusive updates from GoK - Direct Kerala, where a user can download and install the app for free to use the service. Sign-up and registration are not required for the user to use this app. 

1. Welcome Screen- GoK - Direct Kerala. 
2. Queue, the Timeline- Latest notification is shown as feeds from GoK - Direct Kerala 
3. Profile: button to view GoK - Direct Kerala

Gujarat Corona Update click to here

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