Saturday 25 April 2020

Gujarat Ration Card 2020 Know Your Entitlement RATION CARD...

Gujarat Ration Card 2020 Know Your Entitlement  RATION CARD...

The Narendra Modi government is now working on the scheme of one country-one ration card to ensure the rights of poor people on time and to prevent theft / negligence in the process.
Union Minister of Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution, Ram Vilas Paswan has said that the Modi government is moving towards bringing 'one country, one ration card'.

 The central government has now decided to start the 'One Nation-One Card' scheme for the convenience of consumers.  With this, consumers will be able to get food grains at subsidized rates from any ration shop in any other state.
 The Union Food Ministry convened a meeting of the Food Secretaries of all the states across the country in Delhi.  During this time, Union Food Minister Ram Vilas Paswan spoke about the one-nation-one card scheme.  Paswan said that the government is doing everything possible for the interests of poor people.

 He said that the biggest benefit of one nation-one card scheme will be that consumers will not be tied to any one shop.  One nation-one card scheme will also help in curbing the arbitrariness and theft of ration shopkeepers.
 In this system, a consumer from any district of the state can take ration from any shop.  The State Food Secretary has liked this system very much, which other states have agreed to implement in their state.

 Minister of State for Consumer Affairs and Food and Public Distribution Department Danve Rao Rasaheb Dadarao urged the states to work on the digitization of ration cards.

 You will be able to use the same ration card across the country.  Now those who make fake ration cards can also be screwed.  Each ration card will be given a unique identification number on the lines of the Aadhaar card.  This will make it very difficult to create fake ration card.

 With this, the government will make such an arrangement, in which an online integrated system will be made.  Ration card data will be stored in this system.


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